Annie Duke on Greg Pierson & Cheating

“Listening to the leaked audio that describes an elaborate attempt by some of’s founders, including Russ Hamilton and Greg Pierson, to cover up cheating reminds me once again how much I regret having been associated with the people that were involved in this conspiracy. The release of this audio has spurred accusations and I want to make it clear that I have never used a tool on a delay or otherwise that gave me or anyone else access to hole cards for use during real money play nor was I aware that such a tool existed until the scandal broke. ”

While many within the poker community are rather sick of Annie’s excuses for sticking with UB after the cheating scandal (and lots of other reasons) the fact she named Greg Pierson directly is a departure from what has been the accepted storyline of the past. In other words, Greg Pierson has been caught red handed, and anyone doing business with iovation should know about his past.

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Iovation Investigated by Nevada Gaming Board

How do you get a contract for online poker when your name is soured in the online poker community? Through a sub-contractor, of course. Too bad someone at iovation forget to change a line of code!

“The Nevada Gaming Control Board is investigating complaints that Iovation was operating in Nevada without proper licensing.  It was discovered that Iovation was a subcontractor of CAMS, a subsidiary of Verifi.” Read more about this potential Iovation scam

iovation dropped by Ultimate Poker

Turns out at the very least, potential Ernst & Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Greg Pierson participated in the cover up at Ultimate Poker. Is he one of the 5 unnamed co-conspirators 60 Minutes mentioned in their story about Ultimate Bet Cheating and Greg Pierson ?

At any rate, Ultimate Poker has officially dropped iovation, and hopefully others will take notice.

“As of late Thursday night, May 9th, Ultimate Poker discontinued the use of all services from Iovation,” per Two Plus Two

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“Iovation is subcontracted through CAMS/Verifi, a third-party service which provides player identification and anti-fraud checks. CAMS is authorized by the Nevada Gaming Commission to provide its services to online poker operators.

Iovation lists its current CEO as Greg Pierson, the founder of UltimateBet and implicated in the widespread cheating scandal on UB from 2003-2007 which saw over $20m stolen from players.” More on Ultimate Poker dropping iovation

Iovation CEO Greg Pierson Nominated for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Contunues to Fleece the Masses

Greg Pierson must be made of Teflon! Even while he is being exposed as being implicit with the insider cheating scams on Ultimate Bet poker, he is being nominated as one of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalists for the Pacific Northwest. WHAT A JOKE!

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Want to express your displeasure at the nomination? Call the program managers


Iovation CEO Greg Pierson named by Haley Hintze as Being a Potential Superuser on Ultimate Bet

“I promised that Volume 30 would be a doozy, so let’s get right to it: Greg Pierson, the President and CEO of ieLogic and Iovation, the company behind the company behind UltimateBet, was another of the likely superusers behind the scandal. This will be a long post, but in this missive you’ll find a good deal of the circumstantial net of evidence pointing to Pierson, and also learn of the virtual Pandora’s Box (and the very sordid key) that almost certainly triggered what would become online poker’s largest cheating scandal.”

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