Annie Duke on Greg Pierson & Cheating

“Listening to the leaked audio that describes an elaborate attempt by some of’s founders, including Russ Hamilton and Greg Pierson, to cover up cheating reminds me once again how much I regret having been associated with the people that were involved in this conspiracy. The release of this audio has spurred accusations and I want to make it clear that I have never used a tool on a delay or otherwise that gave me or anyone else access to hole cards for use during real money play nor was I aware that such a tool existed until the scandal broke. ”

While many within the poker community are rather sick of Annie’s excuses for sticking with UB after the cheating scandal (and lots of other reasons) the fact she named Greg Pierson directly is a departure from what has been the accepted storyline of the past. In other words, Greg Pierson has been caught red handed, and anyone doing business with iovation should know about his past.

Read the full post from Annie Duke about Russ Hamilton and Greg Pierson cheating


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